Friday, January 11, 2008

Yeah I finished!

So I finished the LL2.0 and now I can start on the LL2.1. I enjoyed LL2.0, I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't do it when everybody else did and slacked off as usual, but I wouldn't be me if I hadn't. I thought the program was very educational and now I do feel so dumbfounded when I hear Robin and Bobbi talking about blogs. I look forward to LL2.1


Well I didn't look around as much as I'm sure Bobbi and Robin would have liked, but thats because I use iTunes and love it. And I just don't know if my brain can withhold any more information or websites right now!

You Tube

Cocktail Builder

Oh I loved this website. You can put in what liquirs you might have in your home and it will come up with ways to mix them to make for some excellent tastey drinks. You can't go wrong with a website like this!

Google Presentation

Search Engines

Well I tried the first three search engines and the one I liked the most was It went straight to what I was looking for. The I couldn't find myself, and I had to scroll down past 6 different links to get to what I wanted


Well I skimmed through all of those perspectives and don't really have much to say. I like the iceburgs one, saying that there's really no need to get so many copies of one book, when there are other options of copies for that book. Thats about it. My brains on overload from trying to get this all done.

Where I've Been

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Big Huge Labs

I love love love this website: I can make puzzles, mosiacs, all types of neat stuff with my pictures and then order them. The mosiacs could make for some pretty neat pictures!

Image Generator

This is my image I created on Fd Toys image generator


So I'm not really into blogging and writing down my thoughts and all that doowop but I do have to admit that I like bloglines. It actually had some informational blogs for my job, and some blogs that I think are hilarious i.e. cheeze burger blog. That is too funny! I subscribed to I think 12 blogs, and there was almost too many blogs to choose from and I dont' want to choose to many for fear that I would just sit at my computer all day wanting to see all the blogs out there and wanting to read to many of them. So I had to stop myself at 12.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well I've had a Flickr account for a while but never did anything with it. I uploaded a lot of pics I had on my computer and on my myspace page, tagged them and then put them into groups. I was a little disappointed that I needed to pay 25 dollars a year to get more than 3 sets, but I just worked with the 3 sets instead of paying. I don't really like the idea of sharing my photos with everybody on Flickr, so I set myslef to private and as of right now am only friends with Bobbi on there. I still need to add MRRL.

My own library

I like the idea of having your own library and you can share and see how many other people have the same book in their library. Although I don't get a chance to read much with my 3 year-old and didn't feel like childrens book (except The Giving Tree) would be appropriate. So I doubt I'll be adding new books on to my library anytime soon!


So obviously you can tell that I learned how to tag by looking at my blogs. Very nice I like that. The code isn't the easiest to remember, but I have it written down, now I just have to be sure to not lose the piece of paper I wrote it down on :p.


So I don't use delicious although I know it is really good if you have a lot of bookmarks and such you need organized. I do not have a lot of bookmarks other than my three e-mail accounts and my Morenet log in and of course Library Learning. But I did install it on many of my coworkers computers, who I could see definetly needed it. Maybe once I come to the end of Library Learning 2.1 and 2.2 I might need it but for now I have no use for it.